Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Latest Creation

Hello!!  I'm back with my latest wreath creation.  This one is a fall wreath.

Vine Wreath
Wooden letter
Assorted flowers

1)  Paint your letter
2)  Stick flowers and ribbon (bows) in your wreath.
3)  Attach letter with hot glue.

Easy peasy!!  And all for about $30 at Hobby Lobby.  Love that place!!

Here is the wreath...before any decorations

And after.  Confession:  I'm not the best bow tie-er :(

And a new front door!!
I just love fall and decorating for it. 

What are some of your favorite fall decorations??


Monday, September 12, 2011

Friday Night Date

Friday, TC and I went on a date.  It had been a long time since we'd been out on a date.  We ate at Chili's...not very romantic, but we like it.  And you can get an appetizer, two entrees, and a dessert for $20.  Then, we walked around East Chase and did a little shopping.  I got three pairs of earrings from Claire's.  One pair looks like peacock feathers.  I'll have to see if I have the courage to wear them.  Then we went to see a play at AUM about 9/11.  It was written, directed, and acted by all AUM people.  It was very good.

Saturday, we got up early and went to a few yard sales.  I got two games (Connect 4 and Would You Rather?).  I hope they are fun!!  We also watched Alabama's win over Penn State!!

Sunday, we went to church and did a little bit of work around the house and back to church Sunday night.  Back to work for us both on Monday.

Did you have a good weekend?


Saturday, September 10, 2011

We Will Never Forget

God Bless America

“Time is passing. Yet, for the United States of America, there will be no forgetting September the 11th. We will remember every rescuer who died in honor. We will remember every family that lives in grief. We will remember the fire and ash, the last phone calls, the funerals of the children."
-George W. Bush

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hello, Anybody Still Out There??

Wow!!  It has been over a month since I last posted.  Life is busy!!  That's good, though! We went on a mini-vacation to Gulf Shores (and I didn't take the first picture).  We ate, shopped, ate, laid on the beach, and - did I mention-ate!!  It was fun, except that I didn't sleep that well in the hotel.  I don't know what was up with that.

AUM officially revealed the new mascot...The Warhawks!!

We welcomed football season this past weekend with win over Kent State (48-7)!!  We also welcomed some cooler weather...hope it lasts!!  Are ya'll as ready for fall as I am??