Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Finally caught up!!  Today was also a normal work day for me.  TC spent his day working in the yard again.  The project is almost finished!!  After work, as a part of Scale Back Alabama, I take a Latin Cardio Dance (a.k.a. knockoff Zumba).  Y'all, I have really enjoyed this class.  At least as much as a white girl with no rhythm can!!  Which leads me to my question, can a lady pull her groin muscle??  If so, that's what I've done...only me!

I came home to find TC cooking dinner...yay!!  He made up his mind some time ago that he wanted to make his own version of a white pizza.  So when I got home, he had almost finished his up.  And since, everything is competition around here, I made my own version too.  I was actually surprised at how good it was.  I have to admit that his version was better than mine...I'll say anything to keep him doing the cooking!!

I am going to take this opportunity to introduce you to another member of our household
Meet Penelope

She's the boss around here and does pretty much whatever she wants.  She only gets away with it because she's so pretty!!


  1. She's pretty! We have a cat too. They're a mess, but we love 'em, don't we?! : )

  2. "I'll do anything to keep him doing the cooking."

    Sounds like something that your MIL would say, don't you think?

    Sweet dreams.