Friday, May 20, 2011


First, is How I Met Your Mother. I began watching this show when it was coming on in syndication on Lifetime. That lasted approximately 3 weeks (just long enough for me to get really into it) and then they stopped showing it. So, I did what any other person would do...I added every season to my Netflix queue. I have watched the past 2 seasons every Monday on CBS at 7:00 Central since.
Season 6 finale: Ted and Zoey break up. Ted and Barney fight over who will implode the Arcadian. Lily thinks she has food poisoning and that Marshall will get sick soon. This goes on for a while. Ted wants to get back together with Zoey, and Robin and Barney bond through trying to stop Ted, until they run into Nora (Barney's old flame). Marshall doesn't get sick and Lily reveals she is pregnant. Barney lets Ted push the button to implode the hotel. Finally, we see the wedding scene that has been shown all season. Ted is the best man at Barney's wedding.

If anybody else out there watches this show, who else squealed and clapped when Lily said she was pregnant? No one, just me?? Ok. I have read some opinions on whose wedding it is and who the mother is. I don't really care to hypothesize because I really want to be surprised in the end. I have my own theory, but I hope I'm wrong!

Second, is Grey's Anatomy. I will admit, I was not a fan at first. Probably because everyone else was. But I got into it as well.
I kinda thought this finale was a bit disappointing.  We were warned that it would be different, and it was.  There was no major medical catastrophe, but everyone's relationships seem to be falling apart.  Yay for Kepner getting Chief Resident!!  That was not a huge surprise to me after last episode when Stark recommended her to Owen.  MerDer gets the baby, but Mer might no longer have Der.  Christina revealed she is pregnant, but does not want to be a mother, and Owen is NOT happy about that.  Karev told off Lucy for taking his job in Africa.  Sidenote: Karev has a soft spot in my heart and it just seems like the guy can't catch a break in the love department.  He comes off as a jerk, but I think we've all seen how great he has been with the kids this season.  I'm a bit worried for next season, especially if MerDer doesn't return, which is rumored.

What are your favorite TV shows??


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