Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Review

This weekend was great!!  Friday, TC grilled steaks and we shopped for a new TV.  We might have treated ourselves to a Sonic blast as well.  We both worked hard Saturday morning.  I worked inside, sweeping and vacuuming and doing about 7,362 loads of laundry.  TC worked outside mowing grass and raking leaves.  After a bite of lunch, we headed back outside to wash our cars.  Then, we got ready and headed to A and K's dance recital.  Both girls were so cute and the recital was great.  We ate Mexican for dinner.  I am picky about my Mexican and this one was nasty.  I won't be going back.  We went to church Sunday morning and worked more in the yard Sunday afternoon.  We added pine straw to our flowerbeds and under some trees where grass will not grow.  I cooked a roast for dinner and we had some friends over and I got to play with my most favorite baby girl!!  Monday was K's kindergarten awards ceremony and back to work for me.

Here are some pictures from the recital and the awards ceremony.


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